Posted by: J.V. | August 4, 2010

Getting around

We arrived in Chisasibi on Monday evening around 9PM, just as the sun was setting. Since then, we’ve been settling in and getting reacquainted with the town.

After dinner this evening, we went for a drive. I was amazed at how the town has grown since I spent 3 months here in 1998. There are houses almost all the way to the airport now! And there is a whole new neighbourhood that didn’t exist in 98.

This is the first time I’ve been here with a car. In the past, I’ve only been able to walk around town. It had it’s benefits. It was easier to encounter people on the street and between the houses. So I still plan to do a lot of walking. But it’s nice to be able to do a large grocery in one shot because of a vehicule! And it’s also nice to be able to participate in the large “car culture” that exists here. During our evening drive, we saw so many people driving around. I don’t know for sure, but I get the impression that a lot of people were doing just like us, going for a drive to kill time.

There were also many people taking walks, alone or in small groups. Many of them had small children. There were also lots of kids playing ball hockey in the streets, or just skating or biking around. My first reflex when I see this is usually surprise at the young age at which children are allowed to circulate on their own that late in the evening. On the other hand, part of the “car culture” around here is to drive relatively slowly. People actually do their stops *gasp* and when they see children, they slow down even more. As a friend of mine said last time I was in town and we were driving around in his truck, kids own the road here. People are very patient with young children getting in the way of cars. It is the job of the driver to stop and wait for them to be safe.

On a tangential note, my little (!) yes Toyota Camry sure stands out among all the pick-up trucks and SUVs around here! Ha!

Finally, I enjoy the chill here. A lot! My friends in Montreal say it is hot and sticky there, even in the evening. Well, during the day today, my son and I were wearing long sleeved jerseys. It was sunny but windy. Very pleasant. This evening, it was quite chilly. I even had to defrost my back window in the car!!

Well, that’s all for now.


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