Posted by: J.V. | August 5, 2010

More new stuff

OK, so I just added a couple of new links. My friend Dustin blogs about anthro and other academic-ey topics that are of interest. I like Dustin’s stuff because, well, we tend to agree with each other a lot. So there. Also, check out Savage MindsDustin blogs there as Oneman (as in One Man’s Opinion, the name of his old, and I believe now defunct, blog) and I did as well for a short period under the name Nancy. Finally, check out Tad McIlwraith’s blog on anthro in BC, Fieldnotes. I’ve always enjoyed Tad’s blog, which is why I had invited him to do a stint as guest blogger on Savage Minds when I was still there. When I was frustrated at the lack of recognition Canadian anthro was getting in the online anthro world, his stuff helped me feel better. It was nice meeting him, although briefly, at the CASCA conference this year.


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