Posted by: J.V. | August 12, 2010

The northern sky

It was so nice to see the northern lights again last night . . .on my son’s birthday to boot! I hadn’t seen them since I’d been here in 98. I didn’t catch them during my two following visits in 06 and 07. On top of it, last night was a really clear night. I could see the milky way and oodles of stars right on the back porch of where I’m staying! To boot, there were meteor showers! I sat on the back porch for at least an hour. I was in my PJs so it got a bit cold but whatever.

They are out again tonight so I’m gonna go back out and freeze a bit before going to bed!



  1. wow, what a privilege!

    • Indeed : ) Thanks for reading!

  2. I will be visiting the area very soon with a small group, for a special teaching effort to the cree people. Will be driving up around August 11th and staying about 8 days. Our final destination is Chisasibi. 🙂 I have really enjoyed reading your blogs. Do you have further suggestions on information that would be valuable for my trip? I do hope to see the northern lights as well!!

    • I hope you enjoy your trip! One tip I would have to is check out this page: and to learn a few basic Eeyou phrases. Also, try to avoid having an attitude of “we are coming to help the Natives.” People appreciate it more when the effort is to work *with* them. Don’t be shy to go to local events. People won’t necessarily come up and talk to you. Some will but for the most part, you’ll get looked at. It’s not negative, it’s just curiosity. If you’re not afraid to put yourself out there and smile at people, and try out some Eeyou words, you’ll make more progress than if you wait for people to roll out the red carpet.

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