Posted by: J.V. | August 31, 2010

August 31 update

I’ve been a bad blogger. I was hoping to write  a little something each day but getting settled in took a lot out of me. For the first three weeks, I was stressing out about where we would live for the year that we are hear. Up until 2 or 3 days before we had to leave the place we were staying on account of the person living there coming home, I had no idea where we were going. One family wanted to rent us a basement apartment for $1,500 and I thought I would be stuck taking that and not having any money left over just to eat, buy medications, etc. Fortunately, someone suggested I check with Katimavik, a youth volunteer organisation that has a house here in town. The timing was awesome . . .their volunteers were leaving that week and the next batch is only due in January so they were more than willing to rent us the whole house at a much more reasonable rate. It’s only for 4 months, but at least that gives us more time to settle in and make connections in town.

Other than that, my son started school so that was another stressor. I think I was more stressed than he was about it – I remember being stressed whenever I had to change schools. But he seems to have taken to the new school quite well. He has a nice, patient teacher with a great reputation in the school and so far, he seems to be getting along OK with the other kids.

Speaking of the school, I applied for a part-time job teaching at the high school but the principal said they could not do a part-time contract. Since I can’t work full-time, being a fellowship recipient, I do some substitute work at the school here and there. What is weird is that I’ve done some subbing at the elementary school level, something I thought I would never do. It was quite an experience!

Other than that, life in town has been pretty quiet for us. We haven’t really developped a social life yet but I know from previous experience that it takes time and I have to be patient. Most of the time, I don’t mind the solitude because I like to surf, read, play Sudoku, etc. But sometimes I get lonely, being used a a pretty steady social life back home in Montreal. But I know better than to walk around all puppy-like asking for friends. That will certainly not get me anywhere! So the best I can do is to walk around, get involved and be open. In the meantime, staying in touch with my Montreal (and other southern Canadian towns) peeps is both comforting and difficult. Comforting because I have people to communicate with but difficult because I see them on Facebook going to all these fun things that I’m too far to participate in. While it’s true that even when I’m home, I miss a lot of fun cool stuff because I’m a single parent with 75% custody and few funds for babysitting but at least I get to go to SOME fun things on weekends . . .when I’m not exhausted from the 75% parenting.

The good news is my girlfriend is coming to visit us for a week! It will be nice to see her and show her around : )

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll try to write more often, even if they’re only short posts about interesting things that happen in town.


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