Posted by: J.V. | December 26, 2010

How racist is American anthropology?

If anthropology truly begins at home as Malinowski states, how come, as I had thus far observed, anthropology tended to focus on the “exotic”? How come only a small percentage of fieldwork and scholarship by Western anthropologists focused on their own cultures, and when they did it was among individuals and communities on the peripheries, their own “exotics” such as those in extreme poverty, in gangs, ad others outside mainstream culture? (…)

via How racist is American anthropology?.

The above is a quotation from a book the that I would like to read and engage with. Certainly relevant questions for me as a (mostly) non-Native (mixed blood but raised as white) anthropologist working in a Native Canadian community. After I read the whole book, I’ll have a better idea of where the author is going with it.  But I’m sure it’s a very interesting read! Thanks to Lorenz for the book tip!


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