Posted by: J.V. | December 30, 2010

WordPress 2011 Weekly Post Challenge

I’m on of those bloggers who go through phases of fairly intense blogging and then I’m dead to blogosphere for weeks or months on end. There are lots of things I want to say about about life in Chisasibi, about anthropology and its relationship to colonisation, racism and about social and political issues in general but I often lack motivation to sit and get my ideas down on the screen. Well, there’s nothing like a challenge to motivate me so I decided I’d take WordPress up on their Weekly Post Challenge for 2011. They have a Daily Post Challenge as well but since life is pretty hectic between research, single parenting and occasional substitution work at the local high school, I think a weekly pledge is enough. So I’ll try really hard to post at least once every week in 2011. I’m sure I’ll have to take a haitus once or twice for travel but I’ll try to stick to it for as much of the year as I physically can.

For any interested WordPressers, or wanna-be WordPressers, there is more info on how to participate here.


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