Posted by: J.V. | January 1, 2011

Fireworks in Chisasibi

I’ve never been a HUGE fireworks nut, except for when I was a kid. We have awesome fireworks events in Montreal – heck every summer, we have the international fireworks competition. Anyone can see them for free from one of our city’s bridges and if you have a little radio, you can listen to the music that accompanies each competing nation’s display. But I’ve gone maybe . . .twice?

This year, I had heard that there would be a display at midnight on New Year’s Eve. I figured I’d miss them since my son seems to have inherited my “meh” attitude towards them. But when I found out where they were and that I would be able to see them from my living room window, I was delighted! In Chisasibi, I find myself being more appreciative of things like fireworks, hockey, Christmas and even religion, all things I usually go “meh” towards in Montreal and other “homelike” areas. I don’t know what it is but all these things have their own little twists in Chisasibi. There’s just a different kind of spirit about things here. I found myself at the commercial centre a couple of times this week and, upon encounters with people that I knew, I shook their hands vigourously and said “Merry Christmas” or “Happy New Year” and REALLY meaning it.

So in this period of time when, although the days are getting longer, the nights are long and natural light is less than abundant, a show of lights was very welcome to me. First, at midnight, I heard oodles of gunshots go off. I had been told about this too. A few minutes later, the fireworks began. I have to say, they were amazing! They sure know how to out on a rocking fireworks display here! I stood at my open window wearing a couple of sweaters and smoking a celebratory cigarette (I’m an occasional smoker and only when my son is not there to see me. He was sleeping and, in spite of my invitations, did not want to get up to see the fireworks.) I contemplated the coming year, and more specifically the coming 7 months that I have left in Chisasibi. And I couldn’t help smiling at the contentment of just being here.


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