Posted by: J.V. | January 1, 2011

Immigration and deportation in a colonial nation

The folks at No One is Illegal Toronto said in one sentence what I often struggle to explain to people who come up with bullshit statements about the rights of Euro-Canadians to decide how immigrants and refugees to Canada get treated:

A state that exists due to the dispossession and killing of Indigenous communities has no moral power to control who lives within borders it calls its own.

via Daniel Garcia Deported. We Continue. | no one is illegal – toronto.

For example, I get extremely frustrated whenever I hear comments from my fellow Euro-Canadians about how immigrants should learn and adapt to “our” ways. They conveniently forget that our ancestral colonisers completely ignored the “ways” of the original inhabitants of this continent, except when those ways helped them survive brutal winters of course. Once the Europeans decided to form governments here, they didn’t even consider that Native people were actual human beings.

And now, these same institutions (and the many people who support them) turn around and put up fences so that “undesirables” do not get in and mess with the sanctity of their home. What hypocracy!What a complete and utter lack of humanity.

There are some good things happening in Canada but lately, it seems the inhuman, racist and mysogynist things outnumber them. I am increasingly ashamed of Canada and I’m very, very worried about this drastic shift to the right. Are we becoming the new United States? Are we becoming a totalitarian state where a small set of dictators acts with complete disregard for the will of the people, or only with regard for the will of the fascist right-wingers?

As for Brenda and Daniel Garcia, I hope they find safety somewhere. I hope that they have friends and family members that they can go to for support. And I hope that Canada’s increasing fascist tendancies are crushed before they escalate to dire levels. But that won’t happen as long as so many people remain apathetic and complacent about these striking cases of injustice.



  1. So how do you think this should be dealt with? What should we do?

    • Thanks for the comment Charlie. Not sure if you’re referring to this specific case or to the general fucked upedness of the government. The case itself, like any others, would require continued lobbying. As for the general fucked upedness, more people need to stand up and react to all the stupid things they are doing. People need to rally, speak out, lobby, protest. It’s happening but always by the same people – the marginalised. The people who are just living their comfy cushy lives, being complacent and oblivious to the growing inequalities…tend to do so because they’re not part of the first groups targetted by our gov’t’s fascism. But they need to be sensitized to the issues and to support those who *are* targetted. There is no simple solution, it’s ongoing social solidarity and being vocal.

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