Posted by: J.V. | May 9, 2012

Anti-Strike Cliché #1 – “You pay the lowest tuition in the country so shut up.”

Here is the first of a series of posts I’m writing about some anti-strike clichés, brought to you courtesy of mainstream “news” sources and the uncritical people who rely on them for pseudo-information. Here is some background on the Quebec student strike of 2012 and an awesome site that explains in simple terms why we need to fight the hike. Yes I’m biased. Deal with it.

Cliché #1: “You pay the lowest tuition in the country so shut up.”

My response: There is no reason to use the rest of Canada (and certainly not the United States) as a barometer for what we should be doing. As a society, we decided in the 1960s that accessible education was a priority. “Education was no longer considered to be a luxury, but rather a right, and the government wanted everyone to have the same opportunities to benefit from it. With this end in mind, the provincial government placed greater emphasis on free education and the building of new schools. To achieve these objectives, it took over control of the educational system and began secularizing it.” We took control of our educational system. We didn’t do that so that 4 decades later we could cave to the rest of Canada or the United States.

Instead of focusing on how “low” our tuition is here compared to other provinces, why not focus on how high it is there? Indeed, some Canadian students outside of Quebec have been inspired by Quebec students and are trying to get things on the move across the country.



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