Discussion themes

Here are the themes that I would like to discuss with participants in this research. These are suggested themes only, of course. Participants are free to discuss whichever themes they feel are relevant to them in whichever order they wish. It is normal that themes overlap and don’t follow in a straight line. Also, if other themes come up in the discussion, that is fine too. I am here to learn!

People who drink or used to drink:

  • How I learned to drink
  • Why I want to drink
  • Advantages and disadvantages of drinking
  • How others perceive me
  • My relationship with my family
  • My relationship to my community and culture
  • My identity
  • My interests and what I like doing for fun
  • My views on spirituality
  • My views on healing
  • My views on justice
  • My views on Eeyou identity and traditions
  • My wishes
  • Perspectives on work
  • What non-Native people should know about the lives of people like me
  • What led me to stop drinking (if applicable)
  • How I relate to people who drink (in the case of people who have stopped)

People who don’t drink and who rarely or never drank (on a regular basis and to the point of intoxication)

  • My perspectives on alcohol in general
  • Links between alcohol and other issues
  • How alcohol affects the individual
  • How alcohol affects the community
  • Why I think people drink
  • Views on stereotypes about Native people and drinking
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